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  What to expect? A Massage that is technical and skillful, each movement is made with intention. With focus on trigger points (knots) and muscle attachments (tendons & connective tissue) to help loosen stiff muscles, increase circulation, and range of motion. Get lost in this experience with meditative music that will take you on a journey and enjoy Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Doterra essential oils complimentary with every session. Your massage will be from head to toe — starting with the back, glutes, legs, feet, arms, hands, pecs, shoulders, neck, and scalp.

Your Massage may be customized to fit your needs which will be discussed during your consultation before the session begins. 

Please book Therapeutic if you would like light to medium pressure and Deep Tissue if you would like medium to deep pressure. And for those who need a little extra time to unwind, treat yourself to a 90 minute session — you know you knead it! 

This is a professional and safe healing space, please no soliciting.

    ~New prices effective starting July 1st, 2023~

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